More Services

We’ve been working with and recommending local trades people and services in the Central Coast and lower Lake Macquarie for many years and we are delighted to present just a few of them below in case they can be of assistance.

Chainwire industrial fencing – – There is no fence too big, paddock too wide or facility too sensitive for the team at Chainwire Fencing Specialist to tackle. They have setup permanent and temporary fences around schools, sub divisions, industrial estates, wildlife corridors and highways up and down the east coast of Australia. If you have a parcel of land that needs fencing and you are in Gosford or the Central Coast we recommend you give the guys a call for a quote.

Ian King Local Pest Control –¬† – Ian spends a lot of his time on the North Shore of Sydney and the Central Coast, Hawkesbury etc. So when you need a pest exterminator in Gosford give Ian a call and work out when he can help with your pest control for home or business.

Lake Macquarie Skip Bins – – With trucks on the road every day all around Lake Macquarie, Gosford and the Central Coast the team at Lake Macquarie Skip Bins can fit in a delivery to your home or business for one or more skip bins and take them away again once they are full.

Gosford NSW Australia

Gosford NSW Australia