Leaf Screener

Quality Leaf Screener in Gosford

Cleaning out leaf debris from your gutters can be a troublesome and time-consuming chore. The task is, however, to make sure that your gutters collect water properly and that vermin and other animals do not make your gutters a comfortable living space. To eliminate the need of constantly going through this slow and potentially dangerous task, Gosford Roofing provides its clients a leaf screener service. Signing up for this service will ensure that your gutter stays leaf- and vermin-free for proper and ideal water collection.

Our leaf screener system design fulfils two criteria that will eliminate the need for a manual cleaning of your gutter system. First, our leaf screener has been designed to block out all debris and vermin that would find their way into your gutter system were it to open. Second, the leaf screener ensures that only water will make it into your gutters for optimal water collection. One other indirect benefit of having our leaf screener system installed on your roof is that you also protect your home from becoming a fire hazard, in case of bushfires.

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With our leaf screener installation, we guarantee you the following among others:

  • No maintenance or manual cleaning on your part
  • Matching colourbond trims for extra gutter strength
  • High carbon content system for about 20 years of leaf-free gutters
  • Mesh with CSIRO Fire Rating of 1
  • Extended Guarantee of 15 years plus Worksmanship Guarantee of 5 years
  • Made in Australia Guarantee that can handle the tough Australian climate

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